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Michael Watkins


Michael Watkins is the founder and owner of Highburn Studios.  Michael has worked professionally in comics and illustration for 20 years.  Michael received his lucky break on FEMME-NOIR and has since went on to work for mainline publishers Marvel, DC, Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse , and Upper Deck You've seen his work on the titles: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, TRANSFORMERS, IRON MAN, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, PANTHA, VILLAINS SUPREME, and you can see him on film in the blockbuster movie THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. He is also the creator of the series GUARDIANS, published here at Highburn Studios.


Outside of comics, Michael is a Voice Actor with roles for Marvel and Disney voicing the characters of: Venom, Scorpion, Mole Man, and Magneto.


Michael is also an avid Martial Artist, studying Hak Dari Shon Hap Ki Do, Kenpo. and several other styles for over 30 years. 


Programming Notes:  Michael is available for programming regarding his career in comics, martial arts and creating comics for self publishing.

Representation for D.Michael Watkins by Renee Witterstatter