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Corner boxes were once a key component of comics because of how they displayed books on a rack. Books were placed on "spinner racks" so that multiple books could be placed in a small retail space, but by working upward and spinning they gave the most real estate at the time, these books were mostly stacked in a way that you couldn’t see all the covers of the titles in front of you until you pulled it off the rack. Companies competing for readers and sales started using the boxes to show the main character or characters appearing in the books so the reader knew who was in each issue, and that helped draw the buyers eye to the title. As comics shifted to the direct market this trend disappeared as books were given enough space in comic shops for the Cover Art to do the full job.

Fast forward to today’s market and nostalgia has seemed to bring about a resurgence in the thoughts of corner boxes and we have found a use for them here. Given that books are still stacked in some stores, the boxes may still prove useful, and we’ve decided to use them here at Highburn. Not only will our books have corner boxes, but we will be including a mystery character on the boxes that have a new character making a debut in that issue. We feel it’s a really great way to help new readers get involved in the books and characters as they appear in our on-going titles.

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