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Convention Season 2023 is over for us. We all would like to thank you for such a wonderful year and we are eternally grateful for all of you who support us.

It's been a challenging year for me personally, with both of my parents having heath issues, but that looks to be in the rearview mirror now. I want to personally thank everyone who has reached out as well as the understanding you have given with delays. Now on to some brighter things.

No More Issue #1 will have a re-release with a variant cover done by yours truly. This will be a Highburn Studios and LongShot Comics exclusive, and limited to only 200 copies. Look for that to be released around January 5th. Tribulations and No More's second issues are looking to be released on the end of January and February. Lyle has completed Tribuations Issue 3, and that has been sent in for colors and letters. Dave has completed the script for No More issue 3 and Apryl is reviewing it. Jim has completed the plot for Guardians issue #1 and I look to sit down with him after the holidays and review it. In the meantime I will be cleaning out any remaing open commissions.

2024 looks to be a big year, with a lot of things moving, we look forward to continuing to bring you good stories, with good characters, and good art.

Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

-Michael Watkins

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