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Cover: Mike "MEZ" Phillips and John Anderson

Writer: Dave Pendleton

Pencils: Mike "MEZ" Phillips

Inks and Letters: Michael Watkins

Colors: John Anderson



This is the story of the dreams and reality of one man clashing together.A 20-year resident of the Oarthman Institute for the Mentally Unstable, Jayme Spire was the only witness to a massacre that took the lives of his family as well as the ones who slain them. Since that night Jayme has only been able to verbally communicate with the words No More.


Most believe this to be his way of dealing with his grief but in actuality it is his vengeance. His ability to project his consciousness away from his body and reconstitute it in the form of an unnamed hooded vigilante that has no sense of control.In his time at the institute his treatments by Dr. Redd, could be called boarder line torture. His only saving grace is a young nurse, Rosalyn Khan, who has been watching over him in the hopes of being able to connect with him and maybe someday be able to show Jayme what today's world has to offer.

No More Issue #1

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Full color, 24 pages.

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