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Cover: Lyle Pollard, Mark McKenna, and Michael Watkins

Writer: Lyle Pollard

Pencils: Lyle Pollard

Inks: Peter Palmiotti

Colors: Michael Watkins

Letters: Kenny Keen


Silver Lining

  Stanley Simons life was great, happily married with a child on the way, as well as one of the top super-people on the planet. After another casual day of battling the run-of-the-mill baddies and saving the citizens of the world all that changed. 


  Stanley's life has been turned upside down, his wife and son have passed away. A tragedy even his amazing powers could not stop. In his blind grief he fles out of control and into the wing of a 747! Now he has to save the passengers from the accident he caused, as well as cope with the loss of all he holds dear. But, even the darkest clouds have a...Silver Lining. 

Tribulations Issue #2

Excluding Sales Tax
Expected to ship May 30th

Full color, 24 pages.

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